Thursday, June 18, 2009


I wrote a while back that I believe that a lot of people spend the summer months planning for hunting season to come around again. One of the blogs I read actually has a counter that is counting down until his trapping season starts.

I just received my summer catalog from Cabela's. I laughed at the title, it was so appropriate. It is only June, and this one is called the Fall Preview. Every one is doing it, thinking about fall.

I got a call the other day from Bruce Haak. He is a falconer and author from Idaho who want to go trapping merlins on the coast this fall.

I'm all for it, but we have the added bonus of possibly trapping peregrine falcons this fall, legally, for the first time in my memeory. They are both trapped in basically the same way, so it should be fun.

I don't claime to be an expert trapper like Eric Edwards down in Florida, but we've done alright fro the last couple of years, even though last year was a bust. We always have fun.

Anyway, my mind and my eye has begun to wander as I work cleaning pools through the summer. I need to find better, easier, more productive places in which to set up our blinds and traps. I haven't gotten permission for any of these spots, but I am looking them over right now.

This one looks good.

This one would be way easy set up, but I worry about foot traffic.

This one might be good, but permission would be a problem.

And then there is my tried and true spot. It is not easy to set up, you have to haul gear in. There is some possibilty of pedestrian disturbance.

But the view is great.

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Isaac said...

A counter to count down until trapping season? Sounds a little obsessive to me... :-P

Beach trapping sounds and looks like a blast. A merlin is one of my "dream birds".

And here's hoping for that peregrine take. Word has it that AZ and TX have their take in place and some lucky chaps will be taking passage peregrines in those states. What a great time for falconry!!