Monday, June 29, 2009

Missing chickens

I went out to the chicken coop the other day and half of my babies were missing. There were feathers scattered around, and the babies were gone. I checked around and there was a spot that the roof could just get peeled back. It wouldn't work to let in any decent sized animal, nor could a full grown chicken get through their, but apparently, the hole was big enough that a coon could get its hand in and pull out a chick.

I set the trap the next day under the little coop where I keep the babies. The coon came back. he found his first way foiled, but he was still able to get a claw in through he wire and rip the leg off another baby.

I found it lying dead in the bottom of the coop, missing a leg.

But the coon got caught.

Did I mention that raccoons are the devil?


Albert A Rasch said...

As cute as they are, they are the devil.

I had a full blown war, complete with trip flares and claymores at the hieght of the conflict.


Doug said...

That is a story I would like to hear, Albert.