Friday, June 19, 2009

Trying out a New Dog

Since we gave up the patterdale terrier, Murphy, this winter, I've been missing my little terrier dog. If you weren't with us then, we were having dog aggression from Murphy and she was tearing up our miniature schnauzer.

I've been keeping an eye out on different sites, looking for the perfect dog. It needs to have that terrier spunk, without the aggression, and it needs to be small enough to go to earth in a groundhog hole. I must be a wire coated dog, so it doesn't shed, and it needs to get along with other dogs.

Well I found a suitable candidate and emailed the foster home where he was staying. I was impressed. He seemed to have all the positives without any of the negatives that can come with terriers.

Granted, he is a mix breed, but he is full grown, so I know how big he'll get. He is calm, but has the terrier inquisitiveness. No dog aggression and none of the random barking. I have only heard him bark once in two days. I do hope he barks on quarry, we'll have to see how that goes.

On the downside - he comes with a name already attached - Gordon. Cute name, but doesn't fit with my idea of dog names. It is okay, we will adapt.

We drove the three hours to go see him on Wednesday. We decided to bring him home. He's been with us for two nights as we judge to see if he fits in with our family.

We cleaned him up a bit, stripping his coat. He was in need of some serious grooming. We've been walking him, and introducing him to all the dogs in our extended family (we're puppy sitting right now.)

So far, I couldn't ask for a better little dog. After some bonding (he seems shy of men - and he may have been kicked in his former life), we're going to have to see if this dog will hunt. He wants squirrels when he sees them, and from our walks, his nose seems good.

We'll have to see how it goes.


PBurns said...

He looks great!

A Kill Devil Terrier if anyone asks. Tough as an old hambone. Originally bred by Orville and Wilbur to keep rats and fox out of the rations while they camped on the dunes testing their first proto-type gliders. Very rare, and only found in North Carolina.


Doug said...

How did you know. We've been trying to keep the breed hush, hush - but now you have let the cat out of the bag, so to speak.

His weight is right around twelve pound, but he needs to lose a pound or more. He is currently , just spannable by my not overly large hands. We'll be up to see you some time this summer - I'll need you to take a weekday off of work though.