Thursday, June 25, 2009


As you know, the family adopted a dog about a week ago. We had a week to decide whether we were going to keep him or not. We didn't need a week. I couldn't have asked for a better dog. He is calm and well mannered, gets along with other dogs and kids, and doesn't mark in the house.

He comes to us crate trained, leash trained, house trained. That makes life so much easier. Now I need to be sure that he listens in the field.

I took Gordon out today on a dragged line (think creance) and we wandered around Run Hill park. I'd been having some trouble with him and the "come" command when we were outside, so that was our goal today. He did excellent. Once he realized I had hot dog bits, and I wasn't going to stop him from wandering every time I called him back, he seemed to settle right in and didn't even try to wander far.

We followed some fox tracks for a bit as they wove through the grape covered dunes. We found a spot where fox would sit and watch the surrounding area. Ive seen both red and gray fox here in the past, but none showed today.

We rested in the shade of a natural canopy of grapes and checked out the way that the giant dunes were slowly swallowing the forest below us.

At one point a racoon, popped up over a rise and froze, staring at us. He seemed just as surprised as we were. He wandered off down the dune, but Gordon wanted desperately to follow. I had to give him a reminder tug on the dragged line that time to get him to come.

Gordon did well today, and we repeated the process later on in the afternoon. He should sleep well tonight - actually, I will too.


PBurns said...


A nice word, isn't it?

Gordo thinks so ;)

He's about to go awesome on you.


sam_acw said...

He's a nice looking dog. DOes he have any terrier type habits as he looks to be about that size

Doug said...

He's a cool little dog, definitely terrier, but not the spastic, bouncy, in your face way.

So far he has all the good terrier qualities, but we haven't seen any of the bad.

steveo_uk said...

Im in the middle of training a new dog too, except mine is not house trained and looks like she was abused by a previous owner.

Good luck with your dog

Doug said...

What kind of dog? Are you going to use it for falconry?