Sunday, September 13, 2009

Getting the birds out

I always have tons of projects going on and with trapping season here, and hunting season right around the corner, I'm all of a sudden rushing to get things done.

I got out the new scale and attached an old perch to it.

I've built a new hawk box. It is bigger than some of my old ones, and only houses one bird. I already have a double, and my triple needs work as well.

My son helped with the painting some. He is always great when it comes to helping around the house.

I took the birds out and checked on Gonzo's leg. It seems to have healed very well. Actually, Without looking too close, you can't even see a scar.

Then I brought up Tess and took and perched her next to where we were working. Her weight is still way high 1130 grams, so I will need to do some cutting. But she was surprisingly responsive. You have to love harris' hawks, they are the most biddable of birds. Even after not being handled all summer long (March to now, 7 months) Tess came down to the fist overweight and acted as if she'd been there all along.

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