Thursday, September 24, 2009


So you've brought your young kids to an event set up specifically to entertain the children. The kids are there, whispering to each other in a semicircle around the clown, who is making balloon animals. He entertains them by twisting and twirling the balloons and handing out the animals to the children.

One special girl is called up on stage. She stands next to the clown twining her hands nervously in front of her. Maybe it's your kid, or your niece, and just as the clown is leaning over to get the next balloon that the girl is holding in her hand, a grown man, dressed in a chicken costume assaults the clown, smashing food into his face.

The children scream. They don't know if this is supposed to be funny, or if the innocent clown is being attacked. The self righteous chicken sniggers to himself as he bolts from the stage, cowardice speeding his steps.

Way to go PETA. I love the way you promote respect for all living things. I am sure that you have left a positive image with the children at that party. Check out PETA's own words at their peta-file web site.

PETA tells SFist:

The protest is part of PETA's campaign to convince McDonald's to switch to an improved slaughter method that would eliminate the worst abuses of chickens,...

Hat tip to the Rasch Chronicles for this one.

Wow. If the whole thing wasn't so terribly sad, it would be funny.

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Albert A Rasch said...


It is a darned shame is what it is. And they are very clever to concentrate much of their effort in the sub 21 year olds that are much more easily swayed.

It will be a long haul...

PeTA: Cruel to Children