Saturday, September 12, 2009


There is a bunch of hoopla over at the Outdoor Blogger's Network. Apparently some guy named Dell has gone in and made some verbal attacks against the bloggers.

I don't know much about the guy, but I assuming he is young and fully indoctrinated into some fringe animal rights group. He wants the hunting bloggers to justify canned hunts or varmint huning, or something. Most of what he says makes little sense, really. He talks in circles and quotes half truths about hunting.

It is hard to argue with someone who has so few facts that he can actually back up. To help him argue his point he has printed of a statement from the IDA website. It states all the reasons about why hunting is bad, but it only contains half baked truth and opinion. I see very little in the way of verifiable facts. But apparently it is the gospel to this guy.

The IDA seems to want to elevate animals to the same status as humans in the world view, with all the same rights and privileges. It also seems that their main goal is to create a world of vegans. It is all so very anthropomorphic.

Below you will find a version of an energy pyramid.

Notice, herbivores are always at the bottom.

While I would never expect Dell to really poke around and try and understand the other side of the argument. I encourage you, dear reader, to poke around their website, see what you can find. Some of their goals are noble, though I think Dell does them a disservice by acting as their potty mouthed representative.


steveo_uk said...

its the same all over. its amazes me how people can say there all about animals and animal wellfare yet , they dont help with concervation dont lift one finger to prevent crulty in other countries . If they spent all there energy on sorting domestic animal crulty to the average pet id have alot more respect for them. it amazes me how they influance and yet do nothing for concervation in anyform

PBurns said...

There a book by Paul Colinvaux called "Why Big Fierce Animals Are Rare: An Ecologist's Perspective:"

Used versions are less than $3 at Amazon (
called )

and would be a good thing for this numbnut to read. But is he really interested in anything other than getting a forum and starting a fight? Probably not. The Internet needs pruning.


Doug said...

Steve - A lot of it is just a money making machine. If you can fool enough people and make a lot of splash, you make money for your company. Look at the HSUS. You are exactly right.

Patrick, I'll check it out. I have found that I appreciate your taste in books.

And I completely agree- all this blogger wants is a fight. Otherwise, why wade into the lions den and call him a pussy?

steveo_uk said...

actually you should check this out makes interesting reading

Doug said...

Good link. There is hypocrisy all throughout Peta. I've just decided that I am tired of idiots who can't think their way out of a paper bag.

It makes me tired and sad.
Thanks for the link.