Thursday, April 9, 2009

Action Alert!

Isaac has posted a call to action over at Another Falconry Blog. This is the bill I wrote about back in February, the one where ALL non native species will be banned in the US. If you have animals, or you have ever wanted an animal that is not native to your area, this could effect you!

Sakers, Lanners, European Gos, sparrowhawks, Aplamado, the list of species we use for falconry is long. What happens to my harris'. They are not considered local here in NC. (unless I realease a breeding pair inot the wild? - but that would be wrong). I don't even think you'd be allowed to cross state lines with them.

Go - Read what Isaac wrote. Be political (just for a second, I know, I can't stand it either).


Isaac said...

Thanks for cross-posting Doug!

How's Ulrich doing??

Doug said...

My pleasure. I'll post, but it's not real exciting. I'm a slacker.