Monday, April 13, 2009

Orienteering 101

We took the kids and dogs out again today. My oldest needed to work on some of his boy scout stuff. We got out the map and the compass that we bought today at the store and started him on his orienteering.

To be honest, he got us a little lost the first time, not because he didn't know what direction we were going, but more because the map didn't jive with what we thought it should say based on the trails we were on. It took a bit, but he figured it out and we started the whole process over again.
His younger brother got the hand me down compass and verified every direction we traveled.

Of course the dogs came with us. It was a good up and down hike with hills and water, and a lot of mud, but the terrain changes made it more interesting.

We saw some wildlife, deer grazing on the hill, lots of little birds flying to and fro. We saw chipmunks for the first time this spring. Horses watched us from over the fence at the end of their pasture, and Gracie chased whatever she saw.

We found what we believed to be a leftover fox kill, all rabbit - no head.

The labs waded, swam, and sloshed through every bit of water we could find. If nothing else, Labs are predictable. They are great dogs!

Overall, it was a great hike, and some good time with the kids. Tomorrow we go back out to the farm and my oldest tries the compass without maps or trails. We're going to drop him off in the back forty and he needs to find his way home. Don't worry, I'll be with him. I think that is a good thing.

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