Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The (other) Baby Birds

I'm waiting on my Harris' hawks to get busy. Nothing has happened yet.

But the other birds have been very busy! When I went away for spring break. The chickens were able to amass a nest full of eggs. One of the chickens decided to get a bit broody, so she is now sitting pretty on the nest. Additionally, I brought back a bunch of eggs from my brothers chickens. His are white, while mine are mostly dark. I think some of his birds would add a nice contrast. So I don't know how many chicks I will have running around.

The pigeon babies are getting bigger, but boy are they ugly - I'm sure someone will disagree - but they are some homely birds.

And in the meantime, another one of the pigeons has been laying, hidden, down in the corner. I'll be keeping an eye on her.

Ulrich, unfortunately, is still too fat after I fed him up. I've started bringing his weight back down.

Any harris breeders out there who can give me some advice on getting two inexperienced birds going?

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