Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Future of the Spotted Owl is..well...Spotty

A recent report deduces that even with current efforts to help the species, the future of the spotted owl does not look promising.

The 2008 recovery plan for the northern spotted owl is not likely to help the iconic species recover. In fact, the plan could substantially increase threats to the bird, according to a new study in the journal Conservation Biology.

Read the rest of the report from 60 Second Science.


PBurns said...

The northern spotted owl is not a species -- it's a subspecies. A subspecies is, by definition, not a species. The spotted owl (the real species) is common and lives in a very wide range of habitat from desert to scrub though old growth. I am not against protecting old growth forest (I worked on the issue for a number of issues for Audubon), but the effort to raise a subspecies of owl to species level is bad science and a long-term credibility killer for the Green Groups.


Doug said...

I thought you might pop in on this one. I think you wrote in one of your posts about how the Northern spotted owl is a subspecies.

I also seem to remember that spotted owls breed readily with other barred owls.