Sunday, July 19, 2009

Seperation Anxiety

I've closed the doors. My mating season (actually my hawks mating season) is officially over. I've closed the door to their adjoining cages and have begun to feed them separately.

In a way, it is kind of exciting. The molt is about over, just a few more tail feathers to finish growing then we can begin cutting weight. I hope in the coming weeks to start socializing the dog with the hawks as I slowly bring their wight down to an acceptable level.

By the middle/ end of August Gonzo and Tess could be car hawking, and soon after, squirrel season begins.

So really, this is not the end of mating season, it is the beginning of the beginning of falconry season.
Things will probably be in a lull here for a bit, but it'll be picking up again soon.

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