Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Time to Step Up?

Hunters, as a general rule, care more about the environment than most groups in America. Historically, hunters have played a role in many of the nations major conservation efforts. Falconers have done the same, focusing especially on their birds and the environments which support their game species.

Cool Green Science writers believe that in the fight against climate change, there may be more that we can do.

... it’s heartening to see the Seasons’ End campaign, an effort by hunting and fishing organizations to find solutions to the climate change issue.

Supported by such respected sportsman-led conservation groups as Ducks Unlimited, Trout Unlimited, Pheasants Forever and others, the coalition offers substantial information on how climate change will affect game and fish species, and by extension hunting and fishing opportunities.

I admit that there is more that I could be doing to effect change. I could give more, spend more time, spread the word so that the future of my sport is sound.

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Check out the Season's End campaign. I'll be doing some reading, and then seeing what my wallet can handle.

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