Thursday, July 9, 2009

Time to call it a season

Well - apparently Tess and Gonzo are not feeling the love. We are halfway through the summer, and even if they decided to feel the magic now, the chicks would be born pretty late in the hunting season. So I'm calling it quits for this year.

I cannot tell you how disappointed that I am, but there is always next year. There are plenty of good breeders out there that are selling their hawks if you are looking for one. I love my harris', they are great birds.

I don't know that many breeders personally, but there are a few that I can recommend.

Tess comes from Wes Collins project. She is a great calm bird, and I believe as of this writing he had a few males left. Wes is out in Texas, but he will ship.

American Falconer is a project on the east coast in South Carolina. I flown my birds with some of these birds and they preformed spectacularly, and they are fairly large. You can read about some of his birds in a previous post. Or here.

Gonzo came to me by way of Dave Mancini's breeding project. His birds were going to someone else for breeding and a quick check of his website shows that it has not been updated in a long time. The emails and numbers may be valid though. I don't know. If anyone can help out with the status of Mancini's birds, I would appreciate it.

Gonzo is a great bird that has taken all kind of game. He is a good medium sized male that will preform whatever is asked of him.

Of course the Coulsons are breeding their birds, and there are a bunch of other breeders as you work your way west. Personally, I like to go out a nd see where the birds are coming from. But I realize that it is not always possible to do that. best luck if you are searching.

Don't forget - You must be a licensed falconer to purchase or house any bird of prey int the Untied States.

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