Friday, July 17, 2009

It's so true

James Marchington made an astute observation at a recent falconry festival. You can read about it in his blog.

Here's something else I noticed about falconers. They look at the sky. Most people just walk about, looking at ground level. Falconers are constantly glancing up at the sky. This chap was posing for photos when something caught his eagle's eye, and he instantly followed its gaze. A moment later I looked too. Couldn't see a thing! Just blue stuff with clouds floating in it.
It happens to me all the time - something flies by. I catch it out of the corner of my eye, and time suspends while I stop everything and look, mid sentence, turkey leg half to my mouth. It drives my wife crazy.


Isaac said...

The habit can become quite life threatening while driving. Drives my wife crazy too!

Doug said...

Especially around trapping season. My wife often asks me if she can drive because she is afraid we are going to end up in a ditch because I saw a bird perched in a tree somewhere.