Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Worried about Hunting Dogs

During my morning ride today, one of the guys brought up his concern about the future of hunting dogs. He told me that I needed to be concerned too considering that I like to hunt with my dogs as well.

State Bill 460 has recently passed in the North Carolina senate. This bill does not effect me directly, but those of you who breed your pointers, hunt with beagles, belong to a hunt club that maintains dogs may want to take note.

This bill seems to be sponsored by the HSUS and regulates the number of dogs that breeders, hunters, and people who work with dogs are allowed to maintain on their property.

S 460 is yet another bill actively supported by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), and intended to put dog breeders and kennel owners out of business. It would also likely have a dramatic impact on those who use dogs when hunting. The legislation is both dangerous and unnecessary, as existing laws are already available to address the cruel treatment of dogs. People who mistreat dogs can be, and are being, prosecuted under these laws. S 460 is simply a deeply flawed, unnecessary bill, which has at its heart the anti-hunting, anti-dog breeder agenda of HSUS.

More can be read here.

The American Sporting Dog Alliance also thinks that the bill is deeply flawed and voters need to take action.
Vague definitions in the legislation will entrap many people who raise
dogs as an avocation, serious hobbyists who do their own training and
handling, hunt clubs, hunting plantations, and professional trainers and
handlers who also raise a few litters of puppies.
I'm not a political guy, but the more time I spend hunting, being outside, I realize that there are forces out there that could really change the way that many of us choose as a way of life. It is important to be involved.

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Sudeepta said...

Very nice photos and i can sense the bonding between two dogs. Dogs shouldn't be hunted.
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