Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Summer is good for a lot of things. But we get about midway and I start getting all melancholy. I can only take so much hot weather. The woods and fields here on the coast are home to a host of tics and chiggers and the like, making hiking this time of year uncomfortable. Don't get me wrong, I still sneak out here and there, but I don't spend much time in the woods.

I spent this morning looking through some old posts from last hunting season, and now I am pining for fall. Here are a few pictures. Think of it as something to look forward too for the coming season.

I'm getting off the beach for a few days. The kids need to run in the woods ( I need to run in the woods). So I'm going to be camping for a few days. I'll post pictures when we get back.


Isaac said...

Hey Doug,

The latest issue of American Falconry landed on my doorstep today and to keep myself from "pining" and you put it, I immediately read it cover to cover...including a great article about hunting groundhogs with terriers! Congrats on the article, I'm sure Patrick will appreciate the press as well!

All the best,

Doug said...

Thanks Isaac. I haven't seen it yet, hopefully it will come today. The pictures were taken by my daughter, I think she will be excited to see her work in print.